Fair Oaks Area, 1915

If I (the FOHS webmaster) had to pick a favorite map, this would be it. It's a painting done by the Natomas Company to show at the 1915 World Exposition is San Francisco. The Sacramento Archives was kind enough to bring it out, lay it on a table, and provide me a step-stool to stand on and photograph it. Actually, I'm using the copy from the Sacramento History Online website because it was better than mine, but the thought was there on the part of the always friendly SAMCC staff. As usual, we've cut out the portion that relates to Fair Oaks. You really should look at the whole picture .

The picture gives a good overall view of what the agriculture was in 1915. It's interesting that Orangevale is left out of the picture entirely. We guess that since Natomas Company didn't own Orangevale, they didn't consider it important enough to include. On the great town of Citrus, located to the south of Fair Oaks, it was a planned development that never panned out.

You probably won't notice, but the Natoma Station has been relocated about halfway between its old location and the city of Folsom (you can see it on the big map at Sacramentohistory.org), and its original location renamed the Nimbus Station. That's why the new Natoma Station (where all the discount stores are) and the Nimbus Winery (at Hazel and Folsom Road) have their current names.

Fair Oaks - 1950