Old Homes of Fair Oaks

Old Homes Google Maps
Jim Pearce, March, 2015

In 2014, Sally Dunbar, our newsletter Old Homes Editor, discovered that there is a little advertised feature of Google Maps that allows one to create your own map, complete with symbols, photos and narrative. For a number of months, Sally, Ashton and I added what we knew of the old homes to Sally's Google map, intending to use it as a reference for old homes articles. Now that we've been at it for awhile, we've found we weren't putting anything private on the maps, and we would have a much more full-featured resource available on our website for people interested in the old Fair Oaks homes.

There are a few non-intuitive elements to the maps:

You'll notice a number of "Unknown" homes on the map. If you have any information on any of these homes, please let us know.

If you have any additions, changes, modifications or suggestions; let me, Ashton, or Sally know; or send an email to Webhost@fairoakshistory.org.

Link for Gmaps View