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Slocum House

7992 California St

The Slocum House was the third house that was constructed for merchant and banker Charles Slocum. The house was completed in 1924 a year before he died (7-21-1925). His daughter, Ruth Slocum Gilmore, continued to live in the house until 1955 at which time she sold the house to the Campoy Bros (Pete and Frank Jr). The Campoys' converted the home into a boarding house and rented rooms in the house for about 15 yrs.

Later the house was sold to Wanda King and converted to a Interior Decorating Studio. Finally the house was sold again to investors for the purpose of using it for a restaurant. The building was then operated as the Slocum House Restaurant from 1976 to approx 2013 when it closed, and has remained vacant to this day.

In the year 1979 the Slocum House entered into the National Registry of Historic Places.