Fair Oaks High School Advocate Newspaper

September, 1902 - June, 1903

The first newspaper in Fair Oaks was the Fair Oaks High School Advocate, published by high school students monthly in the 1902-03 school year. It was a general purpose newspaper covering happenings in all of Fair Oaks including the coming and going of Fair Oaks residents as well as other topics of interest.

The first through fifth editions contained a four part series by Stephen Kieffer, the Civil Engineer who laid out the Fair Oaks Colony for the Howard & Wilson Publishing Company. It's a significant piece of research material in that the Colony was only seven years old when he wrote it, making it the earliest information to be written on the subject.

The newspaper came to an abrupt end when the student newspaper editors started publishing articles critical of local officials (including the School Board) prompting the School Board to shut the paper down.

High School Advocate Newspaper Editions: