Books on Fair Oaks History

We have scanned the pages of four main books on Fair Oaks History, "The Heart of California", "Fair Oaks and San Juan Area Memories", "Fair Oaks, the Early Years" and "The History of the San Juan Unified School District.". In addition, we have uploaded the book "The Way it Was" in pdf format.

"Fair Oaks and San Juan Memories" has had the surnames indexed and a link that index can be found below. We have not indexed the names of the other three scanned books, and the pages of all four are scanned images, so the full text is not word-searchable. "The Way it Was" is searchable on your system, and is also is indexed on the website index.

Putting these pages on our website was a volunteer effort, and as such we try to make the structure of the files and web pages as simple as possible. Each page has simple navigational aids but no processing entry boxed that enable you to go to a specific page in the book. To do that, simply go to any page and change the URL (Address line) to reflect the page you want to go to.

The scanned books have very small print, and presenting a page to fit the screen results in marginally unreadable print. To alleviate this, we have placed two copies of each book page on each web-page; the first allows you to see the whole page on your screen and the lower image is much larger allowing you to read the text. To go down to the full readable image, simply click on the "Go down to larger image" link at the top of each page.