L to R - Carol Landes, Jane Landes, Leigh Landes, Clara Bartlett Landes, Eva Runyon, Claude Runyon
Leigh Landes, Carol's mother in 1957+

Location: 4200 Minnesota Ave
Date of Picture: September, 2006       Date of Construction: 1895
Architecture: Side-gable Folk House

Previous Owners: Charles and Eliza Caulfield Bergh Family
Leigh Landes: 1957

Present Owner: Carol Baker

This adorable house was built in three stages. Originally, the front portion was built. The kitchen at that time was a separate building behind the house. It was probably built separately for safety reasons. The dining room was added on later and the existing kitchen was a minerís shack that was brought up from the river and attached. The old kitchen is no longer there. Bob Massey and Elmer Bergh rebuilt the fireplace and relocated it on the opposite side of the living room. Other remodeling went on from time to time but the house remains very much as it was years ago.

This 2 story house has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, and a formal dinning room. It sits on 4 acres consisting of yard, pasture, and garden. Carolís pasture pet, Mr.P., a retired endurance running horse, is both handsome and friendly. Carolís sister loved horses and there was always a horse in the pasture. When Carol and her son moved into the house after her parents died, she adopted Mr. P. so there would be a resident horse.

Carolís father worked for Blake Moore Equipment Company and was branch manager in Sacramento. Carol is an employee of the San Juan Unified School District. She is an active quilter and enjoys gardening. It was delightful visiting this home. Thanks Carol for letting us in and sharing your warm, lovely home.