Location: 8321 Hidden Valley Circle
Date of Picture: October 2005, Date of Construction: 1906
Architecture: Farm House

Previous Owners:

Present Owners: Don Kenmonth and Jennifer Miller

Comments: The original 20 acre property ran east to Kenneth Avenue and south to Winding Way. Mr. Dickson was from Missouri. He raised citrus until he was wiped out by the freeze in the early 30's. The original home was on this sight but in 1903 -1906 he built the home that is standing today. He made the bricks that the house is built of by using a mold and cement. The pool is possibly the first pool in Fair Oaks which was built in 1938 and there is a pool house near by. The pool is fully tiled. The house is 5500 sq. ft. presently which includes a very large basement and an attic room.

Leo Malek, second owner, subdivided 18 acres. He is the owner that built the 40 foot long, 11 foot deep pool. The third owner, R.F. Richardson, built a wrap-around porch and reconstructed the roof line.

The present owners, Don Kenmonth and Jennifer Miller, have remodeled the kitchen, baths and attic while trying to maintain the integrity of the original home. They have also restored the barn and pool house. Jennifer has developed 5 lovely garden areas, one of which has a water feature.